Summer 1999 Poultry Press Activism
UPC's Direct Action for Animals Conference
June 26-27, 1999

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Illustration by Nigel Burroughs

The topic of our Direct Action for Animals Conference grew out of the lively debate that appeared in The Animals' Agenda, July/August 1998 and November/December 1998.

This Conference is an Opportunity for activists to meet and share their strategies, goals, and concerns regarding justice for nonhuman animals and how to accomplish this. It's an opportunity for people who have met through the pages of magazines and on the internet to meet face to face in a friendly, informal, yet focused setting. It will place the discussion about direct action at UPC's chicken sanctuary. While animals are unable to take part in the movement on their behalf, their presence inspires us and reminds us of what we are working to accomplish, and for whom.

Starting Time: The conference starts at 1:00 pm on Saturday June 26. We will have a catered vegan meal with live guitar music by Jim Harris on Saturday evening (and other food, of course!), plus mingling and foodsharing with the chickens and ducks. On Sunday the conference goes from 9 am to 5 pm.

Direct Action for Chickens: A Direct Action for Chickens will take place early Monday morning June 28th for those who are interested in taking part. Every weekday thousands of chickens are trucked to the slaughterplants on Rt 13 and Rt 50. In addition, there's a Perdue chicken complex being built down the road that's crying for a protest demonstration. Monday's Direct Action will be worked out at the conference.

MEET PATTY MARK, the Greatest Rescuer of Battery Hens in the World
A Keynote Presenter at the Conference

Please click here for Patty's incredible story--then meet her in person at UPC!

Summer 1999 Poultry Press Activism