Join The Crowd!
Make the Vegan Pledge Now

Our last issue of PoultryPress listed 27 national and grassroots animal advocacy organizations that had so far adopted the Vegan Meals Only Policy for their functions including fundraisers. We are pleased to add 7 new groups to our list of signatories: ANIMAL WATCH (Sacramento CA), Big Apple Vegetarians (NYC), Delaware Action For Animals, Jewish Vegetarians of North America, Orange County People for Animals (CA), Students for Animal Liberation (University of Washington, Seattle), Veggie Social News.

If you are the head of an organization that is still serving animal products, or if you belong to one that is still serving animal products, please urge your group to adopt an ethically consistent meal plan, thereby showing the strong and creditable leadership which speeds public acceptance of progressive social attitudes and customs. Please let us know so that we can add your group to the growing list of organizations dedicated by word and deed to the ethical treatment of all animals. New signatory groups will be published in forthcoming issues of PoultryPress. Thank you for going vegan.

Print out the following form, fill out and Send in to UPC.

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