Winter 1996/97 Poultry Press
UPC Holds Vigil for Turkeys at Maryland Slaughter Farm
"As families with children drove in to pick up their annual holiday birds, the protesters unfurled a banner reading: 'Why have a beheaded turkey with dead wings and leg stumps for dinner? Discover new traditions.' They carried kosher vegetarian candles, not lighted because of blustery winds, and posters of turkeys being slaughtered and artificially inseminated. . . .

" 'This plant is representative of the kinds of mass murder that is taking place all over this country as a way of preparing for Thanksgiving day,' Davis said. 'We want to instigate some remorse and reflection in people about this.' "

from The Washington Post,
"Protesters Say No Thanks to Turkey Dinner,"
Nov. 27, 1996, D5.

photo by Michael Williamson - The Washiongton Post
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