United Poultry Concerns October 17 , 2006

Green Festival Great for UPC & Vegan Advocacy

UPC member Franklin Wade reports:

It was a great place to get out our message. We had many lengthy discussions with people. A lot of people were interested in free-range/cage free, etc. but I felt we were able to reach most of them with our insistence that the only alternative is Veganism. Many asked, “Aren’t there some eggs you can recommend?” But when we described the inherent problems such as the trashing of male chicks at birth, the debeaking of hens, and hens being slaughtered when production declines, plus misleading and fraudulent labels, many times the “light bulb” would go on when we told people that the strongest statement they can make against hens being kept in cages is to go vegan.

There seemed to be more people who wanted to do the right thing rather than just make excuses. Liqin talked to a couple of pastured poultry producers, and one of them eventually agreed that a plant-based diet is really the only sustainable solution.

Liqin did a great interview with Link TV too! – Franklin Wade

United Poultry Concerns thanks Franklin Wade, Liqin Cao, and Jessica Fomalont for making our Green Festival booth in Washington, DC this past weekend a great success!


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