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7 July 2012
A Great Post about A Bad Connection

“If you don't know about Karen Davis (Pictured above) and United Poultry Concerns, you should. Karen, president of UPC, is one of the world's leading poultry advocates. (Ira Glass attributed his decision to stop eating meat to his experience on Davis's rescue sanctuary. The following piece ran on her website last month and it is with her permission that I am reposting. Davis covers an issue—DIY slaughter—that has long interested me and commanded a lot of attention here at Eating Plants. Her insights, you will surely find, are invaluable. ”

"Only Connect." Is Boiling a Lobster a Bonding Experience? (Originally posted on June 13, 2011)
To read, click on: http://james-mcwilliams.com/?p=1783

UPC's position on welfare reforms appears in the Comments section.

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