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14 September 2012
Two Good Articles: Minneapolis Chicken
Rescuers & Stop the Animal Holocaust

Minneapolis chicken rescuers believe a bird in the hand is better than a bird on the plate

By Stephanie Fox, Twin Cities Daily Planet
September 11, 2012

For more than two months, Mary Britton Clouse and her husband Bert Clouse had received reports from neighbors of a stray Thai chicken wandering around North Minneapolis near their home. They’d spotted the bird a couple of times wandering in the parks and streets and twice they’d come close to catching her. Then one afternoon, in the middle of a heat wave, the little hen showed up at their front door. Read it all:


Here’s another article we’re delighted to share with you:

Stop the animal holocaust

By Eyal Megged | Haaretz.com, September 7, 2012

How are enlightened people capable of ignoring the gap that exists between the amount of suffering caused to animals when they are being murdered, and the amount of pleasure such an enlightened person gets from eating their flesh.

The charismatic animal rights preacher, Gary Yourofsky, arrived in Israel two days ago to win over devotees to the cause. As part of his lecture tour, he was due to visit the Experimental High School in Jerusalem where my son studies. A time had already been fixed for his lecture, but meanwhile the students were informed that the Education Ministry had sent out a circular forbidding the holding of the lecture since "the material that is conveyed is not suitable." Read it all:


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