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26 March 2015
Conscious Eating Conference Brings Expert Speakers to Berkeley Saturday April 4, 2015

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United Poultry Concerns’ Conscious Eating Conference brings expert speakers to Berkeley, California Saturday April 4 to explore the ethics of eating and the effect that each food choice has, and why it matters. Our conference features a courageous investigator who goes undercover to document the inside story of animal farming. We will reveal little known facts about the fishing industry, including factory-farm fishing and how the oceans are being affected, and we will hear startling new information about the consciousness and emotional lives of fish. We will examine controversial strategies for farmed animal advocacy – especially the arguments raging over “single-issue” campaigns and confrontational activism in restaurants and supermarkets. Along with our speakers, this year’s conference features an interactive discussion with the audience on how to heighten our message with the most effective voices and actions.

Don’t miss this exciting day of information exchange and advocacy support!

For information and registration, go to:


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