United Poultry Concerns March 11, 2004

UPC Adopts 20 PETA-Rescued Chickens

PETA News, March 8, 2004

In November 2003, PETA was alerted to a situation in which a number of chickens, reportedly being raised for cockfighting, were starving on an abandoned piece of property in Perry County, Alabama. PETA immediately sent an activist, who found 81 birds, of which 31 were already dead. The birds were cruelly deprived of food, potable water, and shelter, and many were chained to barrels. Some were attacked and killed by wild animals while others simply died of starvation.

While Kit King, a caring activist who lived in the area, made regular trips to the site, providing food, fresh water, and warm bedding for the birds, PETA notified the district attorney (D.A.) and the Sheriff's Office of the criminal neglect. PETA called for cruelty charges against the man responsible for keeping the chickens in such deplorable conditions. Unfortunately, the D.A. and the Sheriff's Office would not proceed-because he had returned to the property, it was believed that the "owner" was caring for the birds.

PETA persisted, and nearly two months later the D.A. agreed to bring charges against the owner, James Cochran. The D.A. also created a motion for the county judge to allow PETA to place the birds at two sanctuaries-Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary (ESCS) and United Poultry Concerns (UPC).

PETA has sent a certificate of appreciation to Kit King, who spent months helping these chickens, and a letter to the D.A. thanking him for his work. If convicted, Cochran could be prohibited from owning animals and be ordered to pay the sanctuaries for the care of the birds.


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