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UPC President Karen Davis Addresses Philosophy Class

Illustration By: Gregg Schindler

Philosophy Professor Dr. James Hatley of Salisbury University on the Maryland Eastern Shore invited UPC President Karen Davis to speak to his environmental philosophy class on October 24th and share her experiences in the struggle for animal rights. Karen was joined by Israel Mossman, President of the Jewish Vegetarians of North America.

Karen and Israel linked their experiences to their detailed knowledge of poultry and dairy farming. Karen explained how she grew up eating meat unthinkingly in a pro-hunting town in Pennsylvania, and Israel described his early days as a butcher in his parents’ store. Karen talked about Viva, the little chicken whose beating heart started United Poultry Concerns, and Israel explained how his daughter got the whole family to go vegetarian as the result of a summer camp experience. Students slouched in their seats at the beginning soon sat upright, attentive and asking questions. A question was, “are you saying there’s no way we can eat meat, dairy and eggs humanely?” and we said No, There Isn’t.

Salisbury University is in a town where thousands of chickens are slaughtered every day in a Perdue plant on the main highway.

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