Winter/Spring 2000 Poultry Press Action Alert
Support Anti-Cockfighting Legislation
"The cockfighting legislation is hot!"
Wayne Pacelle
The Humane Society of the US

Congress has two bills that would clamp down on cockfighting by banning the transport of birds bred for fighting over state lines. Senate Bill 345 has 39 co-sponsors and House Bill 1275 has over 100 cosponsors--strong support!

What Can I Do?
    Help close down the Crow-Magnons! Please contact your two Senators and ask them to support S 345. Write to them at US Senate, Washington DC 20510. Please ask your Congressperson to support HR 1275. Write to him/her at US House of Representatives, Washington DC 20515.

    Oklahoma Cockamaniacs vs. Oklahoma Coalition Against Cockfighting's Voter Initiative to Ban Cockfighting: The petition drive to ban cockfighting in Oklahoma is a success! The secretary of state certified 99,309 petition signatures in January, well over the 69,997 needed to put the question on the ballot in November. For updates, e-mail Janet Halliburton, OCAC head, at

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