Winter 2002 Poultry Press Remembering Friends
Millicent & Her Mates! Happy Together!
Thanks to the MSPCA and UPC

Millicent is one of 750 chickens who were seized from a slaughterhouse in Boston's Chinatown by the Massachusetts SPCA on Aug. 8, 2001. According to The Globe Online, Aug. 9, and the MSPCA, 908 total animals, some dead and sick, were stacked in crates to the ceiling in a "hot, unsanitary basement." United Poultry Concerns helped to place many of the chickens in good homes, and we adopted 20 of the hens to live out their lives here at our sanctuary. Would you like to sponsor a rescued UPC chicken for $6 a month, $72 a year? If so, please send us your check or money order stating the number of birds you wish to sponsor and if you prefer a hen or a rooster or both. You may pay by the month, bi-annually, or in one yearly installment. Upon receiving your sponsorship fee, we will send you a color photo of your happy chicken(s), and his, her, or their name(s). Thank you for helping us save and care for these wonderful birds.

Millicent & her mates at UPC
Photo: Karen Davis
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