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"U.S. advocacy was boosted when United Poultry Concerns began specializing in birds with rigorous research
and high-profile campaigns."
Attorney & author Jim Mason, "State of Farmed Animals - 2003," The Abolitionist, Compassion Over Killing, Summer/Autumn 2003

Dear Friends of United Poultry Concerns,

This holiday season, please put United Poultry Concerns at the top of your list of gift giving. We are struggling financially, and we must have your financial support. We receive gratifying compliments on the thoroughness and success of our tireless effort for chickens, our unique focus on all aspects of the poultry industry. But all of this work costs money - a lot of money! So please make a bequest, provide an annuity, a major gift to United Poultry Concerns that will enable us to go forward with confidence into our 14th year of dedicated nonstop work for the birds. We need your help now! United Poultry Concerns put chickens on the animal advocacy map. Help us to keep them there.

With gratitude for your increased support this holiday season,
Karen Davis, PhD, Founder and President

All contributions to our work are needed & appreciated. Thank you for giving.

Photo By: Gary Kaplan

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