Winter/Spring 1998 Poultry Press
Please Hold A Vigil for Chickens This Spring
United Poultry Concerns Will Provide Literature

Illustration by Nigel Burroughs
Please volunteer to coordinate a Spring Vigil for Chickens in your neighborhood this April or May. UPC will provide you with handout literature, a sample News Release, Public Service Announcement (PSA) and Calendar of Events Announcement. Calendar and PSA announcements inform the public of the event and invite them to participate. Calendar Announcements are sent to local newspapers and PSA's to local TV and radio stations 2 to 3 weeks in advance. A News Release to all local media is faxed, mailed, or e-mailed a couple of days prior to the event and should be followed up with phone calls.

Shape your announcements to suit your own Vigil and contact UPC with any questions you have. UPC thanks you for helping to make a better life for chickens in 1998.

Sample Banner & Poster Slogans:

Stick Up For Chickens!

Sick Chickens
Cooped in Poop

Bacterial Streams Of Fecal Soup

Misery Is Not A Health Food

Don't Just Switch From Beef To Chicken
Get The Slaughterhouse Out of Your Kitchen

Starving Hens Has Got to Stop

Ban Forced Molting of Laying Hens

The Cruelty & Contamination Are Linked

Forced Molting Causes Salmonella

Debeaking Causes Pain

Respect Chickens--Don't Eat Them

What You Can Do:
  • Set a date
  • Invite Participants
  • Enlarge Graphic Photos at Copy Center
  • Hold a Poster-Making Party
  • Contact Local News Media

Posters Available From UPC:

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