Winter 99/00 Poultry Press Let There Be Peace
In the Year 2000 Let There Be Peace and Let It Begin With Me
"'Rise, Kill, and Eat'? Or is it time to bring a more peaceful and loving thought to this planet? Or will that thought, given to Apostle Peter (Acts 10:13), continue to grow and overwhelm the entire globe?"
- Eldon W. Kienholz

Taylor Scott and Bella Mae the hen.

Pee-pee steps are great for baby chickens, but world peace needs Giant Steps. Please take your Personal Giant Step for Peace in the year 2000. Do something Big. Do something Permanent. And please, do it now.

As we enter the new millennium, United Poultry Concerns would like to call attention to Dr. Eldon Kienholz, a full professor of poultry science at Colorado State University from 1969-1988. Until he died of cancer on Labor Day in 1993, Eldon was a friend and advisor to United Poultry Concerns. In 1988, Eldon chose to retire early, rather than continue to perform cruel experiments on chickens, turkeys and ducks for the poultry industry.

A peace studies course he had taken as an undergraduate at Manchester College in Indiana began to haunt Dr. Kienholz at the height of his career: "For me it took a long time coming, but now, 40 years later, I see that peace seeking is broader than just human interactions. Now I see it is a way of life in relation to all life and to all that is, all that has been created. The realization has come that I can no longer exploit animals in the name of science or in the name of consumerism. Thus, I have quit my long time teaching and research position in the Department of Animal Sciences at Colorado State University, and have become a vegetarian. One of my main drives in life now is to help free domestic animals. . . . I say that we must now give as much attention to peace between species as within the human species. . . .

"In the 10 minutes you take to read this paper, we will kill about 200,000 animals in our beloved USA. just to please our taste buds. Is that peace?

"Peace on our planet does not just include stopping the burning of our rain forests or irresponsible dumping of toxic wastes. It includes eating as far down the food chain as possible, and a change of our attitude about our present exploitation of this planet. There will be no peace in this world until we learn to live in peace and harmony with the entire planet. This means that we must and will change our economy. We need to confront our enormous consumption, our materialism. At present the call is for 'strategies for sustainable economic development.' That is a step in the right direction. However, somehow we must and will come to live at peace with our planet, and I expect that will come because of a spiritual change in us, not just physical changes. . . .

"This also means a new look at one of our Church of the Brethren creations: THE HEIFER PROJECT (HPI). What are we doing with HPI [Heifer Project International], except promoting our animal slavery overseas? We no longer need to have animal food products in order to be adequately nourished. There are other less violent ways of providing nutrients for humans. We can no longer afford to promote any animal exploitation, so we must consider speaking out against The Heifer Project."

From Eldon W. Kienholz, "Will There Be Peace Before We are Vegetarians?" Manchester College Bulletin of the Peace Studies Institute, July 1990.

What Can I Do?
  • Go Vegan. Start Today. Peace begins in the kitchen.

  • Speak out against Heifer Project International (HPI). Its cloying fundraisers hide the ugly truth. Billions of chickens, goats, cows, pigs, and other animals suffer under this pretense of helping malnourished families. HPI exports animal factories, battery cages, debeaking, environmental pollution, zoonotic diseases, and U.S. drug companies overseas. Reject The Heifer Project, and let HPI know why. Call 1-800-422-0755. Write: HPI, PO Box 98175. Washington, DC 20090.
Winter 99/00 Poultry Press Let There Be Peace