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Gallery Cancels "Monsterpieces of Chicken" Art Show
Instead of Co-Host, Actor Danny Glover a "No Show"

Machipongo, VA - United Poultry Concerns upset plans by Perdue Farms of Salisbury, Maryland to hold a "Masterpieces in Chicken" children's art show on January 12th in New York City. The show would have awarded prizes to children between the ages of three and twelve for drawing pictures of chicken nuggets to assist a Perdue marketing scheme. Film star Danny Glover was slated as co- host.

United Poultry Concerns launched a nationwide campaign to stop the show, which led the David Beitzel Gallery in New York City to cancel the event. Gallery owner David Beitzel told The New York Times, United Poultry Concerns "caused such a ruckus" that he "put an end to it" (James Barron, "They Say Perdue is Bad to the Bone," The New York Times, Dec. 21, 1999).

United Poultry Concerns' supporters blitzed celebrity actor Danny Glover with phone messages, faxes, and letters urging him to divorce himself from Perdue and the poultry industry. We urged him not to defile himself by affiliating with a company and an industry famous for cruelty, violence, corruption, pollution, and dishonorable business practices. One educator wrote to him, "At the very least, it is in very poor taste to encourage children to create images of animals who are being slaughtered. This is the Perdue legacy. Our legacy to the young should rise far above this."

Although to date Danny Glover has declined to comment, we are pleased to announce that Mr. Glover was, in effect, a No Show.

"We view this victory as an episode of 'Misery,'" says Karen Davis, president of United Poultry Concerns. "The monsters appear to be dead, but then they rise up and grab your ankle, so you have to keep fighting until they are totally slain."