United Poultry Concerns
January 28, 2000
Meredith Farms Chicken Abandonment Case Postponed

United Poultry Concerns wishes to thank everyone who responded to our action alert urging people to contact prosecuting attorney Russell Paul and Judge Sprigman and urge them to prosecute and convict Paul Waters, the owner of Meredith Farm chicken slaughtering plant in Franklin Township, New Jersey. Mr. Waters abandoned 31 chickens to die of hunger and thirst last August. Today, Mr. Paul, the prosecuting attorney advised United Poultry Concerns as follows:

"Today, Mr. Waters faxed a letter to our Court asking for additional time in order to prepare a defense. At the call of the list at 4:30 pm, Mr. Waters did not appear. As Prosecutor, I asked for a warrant for his arrest; Judge Sprigman issued a Bench Warrant and set bail at five thousand ($5,000.00) dollars, full cash. At such time as Mr. Waters is arrested, the case against him can proceed. All criminal defendants, including Mr. Waters, are presumed innocent until proven guilty on the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. Mr. Waters will be given all his Constitutional and legal rights. However, I assure you I will vigorously prosecute this case. In the event Mr. Waters is found guilty of the charge of cruelty to animals I will (a) ask for the maximum penalty allowed and (b) make the Court aware of the interest expressed by those who have contacted me to express their condemnation of animal cruelty. I will advise you when this matter is next scheduled for Court. Thank you for your interest. --Russell E. Paul, Prosecutor, Franklin Township, New Jersey."

United Poultry Concerns will advise everyone of further developments. Thanks!

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United Poultry Concerns. January 28, 2000

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(Update - Meredith Farms Chicken Abandonment Case Postponed)