United Poultry Concerns
February 5, 2000
Protest Pro-Foie Gras Radio Show

"Complete Guide to Foie Gras" is scheduled to air Saturday, February 5, at Noon, on WHYY-FM, in Philadelphia. Point out that no foie gras guide is complete unless it describes the cruel and obscene force feeding process. Foie gras is the grossly swollen liver of ducks and geese fattened by force feeding (gavage). Gavage causes the bird's liver to swell to more than 7 times its normal size. The birds reach the point where they can barely breathe. They develop heart disorders, ruptured liver cell membranes, cirrhosis of the liver, and wounds in their intestines. Dead birds have been found with food spilling out of their nostrils.

Tell WHYY-FM that The Smithsonian Institution cancelled a planned promotion of foie gras in December of 1999 due to a nationwide protest. Contact WHYY-FM Radio: Tel: 215-351-0511. E-mail:

United Poultry Concerns. February 5, 2000

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(Action Alert - Protest Pro-Foie Gras Radio Show)