United Poultry Concerns August 2, 2000
Immediate Action Needed:
Comments Due to FDA by August 14th

Re: Contamination of Eggs

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  • OR Submit written comments in triplicate to FDA and to USDA (i.e. Food and Drug Administration and to the US Dept. of Agriculture:

      USDA/FSIS Dockets Clerk
      DOCKET NO. 98-045N4
      300 12th Street, SW, Room 102
      Cotton Annex
      Washington, DC 20250-3700

      Dockets Management Branch (HFA-305)
      DOCKET NO. 00N-0504
      5630 Fishers Lane, rm.1061,
      Rockville, MD 20852

Please respond by August 14th . Your comments needn't be detailed. Point out that the FDA's Egg Safety Plan does not address the primary causes of Salmonella Enteritidis infection of hens and eggs: Overcrowding, Unsanitary Conditions, Inhumane Treatment of Birds. Inhumane treatment includes forced molting, which suppresses the hens' immune systems and makes them a prey to Salmonella infection as their eggs are being formed in their ovaries. Demand that forced molting be prohibited. (Forced molting is a starvation practice used by the egg industry to manipulate egg laying for economic purposes. Hens are typically deprived of all food anywhere from 5 to 14 days.) The US Dept of Agriculture has acknowledged through its own studies that forced molting is a primary cause of Salmonella poisoning of eggs. Tell the USDA and the FDA to Ban Forced Molting.

For more information about the FDA and USDA Egg Safety Plan see:

United Poultry Concerns. August 2, 2000

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(Action Alert - Comments Needed on FDA and USDA Egg Safety Plan)