United Poultry Concerns November 28, 2000
"A Southern Season" Selling Foie Gras

"A Southern Season" is selling Foie Gras, describing it as "meltingly rich duck from the heart of France." Please let them know that the cruelty behind the production of Foie Gras is never in season.


Foie gras producers force-feed ducks and geese to abnormally distend their livers. Birds are confined in small cages or crowded pens for 28 days of force-feeding. 16"-long tubes are rammed down their throats, attached to a pressurized pump that gorges the birds, leaving many birds unable to walk naturally. Necropsies during a foie gras farm police raid showed heart disorders, ruptured liver cell membranes, cirrhosis of the liver, and lesions (wounds) in the gizzards and intestines of the force- fed birds. Dead birds have been found with food spilling up from their stomachs out of their nostrils.

United Poultry Concerns. November 28, 2000

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(Action Alert - "A Southern Season" Selling Foie Gras)