United Poultry Concerns December 13, 2000
ABC News Business Segment
Advocates Turkey Killing

From: Adam Weissman, Wetlands Preserve

On a segment on ABC's late night news program World News Now, a business news reporter from the British Broadcasting Corporation's told the story of a turkey who fell from a tree and was given an expensive prosthetic leg by his/ her human caregiver. The bird now walks with a limp, which the reporter jokingly demonstrated. The commentator suggested that the bird falling out of the tree should have been a good thing, as it would have saved the owner's the trouble of ringing the bird's neck. The reporter ended the piece by asking, "Why didn't they just kill it.?"

Please write to World News Now and let them know that animal suffering isn't funny, and that providing medical care to an animal is noble, not laughable. Turkeys are sentient beings who have a right to live, and WNN suggesting that the bird should have just been killed is extremely offensive to many viewers.

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United Poultry Concerns. December 13, 2000

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(ABC News Business Segment Advocates Turkey Killing )