United Poultry Concerns January 12, 2000
Law Proposed in Washington State to Help Protect Hens

Update 3/6/2001: Washington State Hen Legislation Defeated
Dear Compassionate Friend of All Animals...
Every night, without fail, Sylvia, one of the little hens from the Amberson Egg Farm rescue, chooses to sleep on a soft dog bed in our rehab house, inbetween our sanctuary dogs and cats. Together, they sleep the night away, snuggled together. The little hen has chronic foot problems, so she cannot be placed in the chicken barn. There is never any threat that the dogs or cats will hurt this tiny, 2 lb. chicken. It is such peace to witness. By the way, that's Lilly, our paralyzed cat on the left, Sylvia, and Sadie, a 14-year-old rescued Collie, on the right.

Photo by Pasado's Safe Haven

Sylvia never deserves to suffer. Just like the dogs or cats she shares her bed with.

When we rescued 1000 starving hens, including Sylvia, last March, we couldn't feel any sense of peace until we changed the laws in this state to assure that the thousands of little hens who starved to death, who we couldn't help, were vindicated.

On January 2nd, representatives from Pasado's Safe Haven met with Representative Sandra Romero, who many of you will remember as the co-author of The Pasado Law. She agreed to take our suggestions and write them into the first legislation that would demand more humane treatment of egg-laying hens.

PLEASE go to: www.pasadosafehaven.org/egg_hen_legislation.htm

You will find everything to easily write your legislators. These letters are needed NOW.

They may not be dogs or cats, but they can sense comfort and pain, just like every living creature. Please, help them live a better life?

For the animals,

Susan Michaels
Pasado's Safe Haven

United Poultry Concerns. January 12, 2000

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(Law Proposed in Washington State to Help Protect Hens )