United Poultry Concerns March 26, 2001
Oppose Oklahoma Constitutional Amendment SJR12
Right to engage in Hunting, Fishing, Cockfighting, etc.

Full text:

There is currently pending in the Oklahoma State Legislature a Constitutional Amendment that would give state Constitutional protection to hunters, fisherman, rodeos, circuses, and it appears cockfighters.

This amendment would moot the efforts that gathered over 100,000 signatures to put the issue of cockfighting on the ballot. It is called Senate Joint Resolution 12, and is currently pending in the House Rules Committee, which is chaired by Russ Roach. We need Oklahomans to call 1(800)522-8502, and ask to be connected to Rep. Roach's office, and tell him they are opposed to this measure.

Please contact Richard Shumberger at 918-584-7600 or for more information or if you can help.

United Poultry Concerns. March 26, 2001

Update: 5/2/2001


Thanks so much for your support on SJR 12. The number of phone calls, letters and e-mails generated was a significant factor in having this bad legislation killed in committee.

While our federal Senators and Representatives will say otherwise, the majority of Oklahomans do support the federal legislation on the interstate transportation of fighting cocks. Our organization, NOAH (you can find us on the web at feels that the passage of the federal legislation will significantly reduce the amount of money which is coming into Oklahoma to support animal abuse. The animal abuse inherent in cockfighting is so egregious that to protect it necessarily gives protection to almost any other type of animal abuse. It is unfortunate, and I am somewhat ashamed about this, that our state is being used to legitimize the actions of animal abusers in other states. Thanks again for your help, Richard Shumberger

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(Action Alert - Oppose OK Hunting/Fishing/Cockfighting Amendment)