United Poultry Concerns February 5, 1999
Offensive Shake'nBake TV AD

Shake'nBake is running a TV ad that shows a defeathered, beheaded chicken strapped to a vibrating machine--a horizontal vibrating post. It combines a pornographic concept with violence and disrespect for life. The image has implications of an electric chair. Shake'nBake is owned by Kraft Foods. Please contact Kraft Foods and complain. Don't yell at the person who answers the phone. He or she is not responsible for Kraft's advertisements. However, the person who answers the phone can be educated by your concern and by the fact that you cared enough to voice your objection. Urge that the advertisement with the "vibrating chicken"--the dead chicken strapped to a vibrating machine--be immediately removed from the air. Request a written reply.

Thank you. United Poultry Concerns. February 5, 1999

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(UPC Action Alert - Kraft Shake'nBake Ad)