Become a Nutrition Activist

Illustration by Nigel Burroughs

Three new publications enable you to become an informed nutrition activist-citizen in your community.

  • Healthy School Lunch Action Guide has everything you need to approach a school district, food service personnel, teachers, parents, and students with information (including recipes, meal plans, food values) to revolutionize the school lunch program for millions of children. See chapters on "Giving a Classroom Presentation," "Training and Support for Food Service Personnel," "Lesson Plans and Activities for Teachers," and much more. Softcover 178 pp. Contact EarthSave's Healthy School Lunch Program, 706 Frederick St, Santa Cruz CA 95060-2205.

  • Nutrition Advocate: News of the Cornell China Project advocates a diet based on a variety of quality plant foods; provides simple explanations so you can make reasonable decisions at your own pace. Monthly Newsletter based on the continuing work of Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Director of the Cornell-Oxford-China Diet and Health Project. Contact Advocacy Communications Inc. PO Box 4716, Ithaca NY 14852 (ph: 607/266-0313; fax: 8055; e-mail:

  • Vegetarian Starter Kit. The Why's and How's of a Healthier Diet in 15 pages including recipes. Subjects include Protein, Calcium in Plant-Based Diets, Cooking Without Eggs, Vegetarian Diets for Pregnancy/for Children from the Start. Contact Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, PO Box 6322, Washington, DC 20015 (ph: 202/686-2210).