United Poultry Concerns August 8, 2002
Tell Orbitz to Pull Vicious Chicken Cartoon Advertisement Immediately
"It is thoroughly offensive and cruel in nature." Former Orbitz customer

Orbitz, a discount airline company, is running a chicken cartoon ad that says: "Pluck the chicken and find the low fares" with an arrow pointing to the chicken saying, "Pluck me!" If you run the mouse over the bird's tail, he/she says "Ouch" and the feathers disappear, and the bird's rump turns pink. The top of the ad says: -

There is nothing funny about pulling feathers from a live bird or putting this idea in the public domain. Feather pulling is extremely cruel. Feathers are firmly embedded in skin and muscle tissue that is filled with pain receptors. Tell Orbitz and The Washington Post to yank this sadistic, irresponsible ad immediately. Tell Orbitz you won't do business with them until they get rid of the ad and have notified you that the ad is gone. Tell Orbitz and The Washington Post you don't support companies that promote cruelty to animals.

Contact: Orbitz and The Washington Post United Poultry Concerns. August 8, 2002
Open letter to Orbitz from United Poultry Concerns

PO Box 150 Machipongo, VA 23405 757-678-7875

9 August 2002

Mr. Jeff Katz
Chairman of the Board
200 South Wacker Drive, Suite 1900
Chicago, IL 60606

Dear Mr. Katz:

On behalf of United Poultry Concerns and our international membership, I was glad to receive an email forwarded to our office today from one of our members who received an Orbitz Customer Service reply that the pull-the-tail-of-the-chicken advertisement has been removed from your website. Should this irresponsible advertisement, or anything like it, recur, anywhere to our knowledge, we will instantly alert our members and issue a News Release condemnation of Orbitz. Don't you ever again suggest that pulling feathers from a bird's body is funny. Feather-pulling is like having your hair pulled out by the roots. Feathers are embedded in skin and muscle tissue that is densely enervated with pain receptors. When you run irresponsible ads based on sadistic cruelty to animals, you put ideas into the heads of jaded, sadistic youth and others. Cut it out.

I was a juvenile probation officer in Baltimore City, and I view companies that fuel sadism and create a social climate of smirking cruelty with contempt and disgust. Our office will work against you. Our work includes air travel, but unless we receive a prompt assurance from Orbitz that the company is adopting a policy that prohibits cruelty to animals, including the simulation and/or implication of cruelty to animals, we will never book any flights, hotels, or rental cars through Orbitz, and we will urge others, including our thousands of worldwide members and supporters, to boycott Orbitz permanently. Understand that the number of people who care about animals and detest cruelty is growing in our society, and that to lose the patronage of these people could affect your bottom line.

I look forward to receiving an informative and, I hope, reassuring, reply from you as soon as possible. We will post your reply to our membership.

Thank you for your attention. We await your response.


Karen Davis, PhD
United Poultry Concerns, Inc.

United Poultry Concerns, Inc.
PO Box 150
Machipongo, VA 23405-0150
FAX: 757-678-5070

(Action Alert - Tell Orbitz to Pull Vicious Chicken Cartoon Ad Immediately)

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