United Poultry Concerns January 6, 2006



Southern California Humane Officers busted a slaughterhouse where thousands of Coturnix quails were being kept in small, dirty cages awaiting slaughter. Approximately five thousand of these beautiful birds are now ready for adoption. They’ve been kept in temporary housing facilities for the past 2 months and are now strong and healthy.

Only a few of the largest of these quails fly. Most of them flit around their aviary or bask in the sun all day. They are avid dust bathers, and a large group of them can stir up quite a dust storm! They make beautiful chirping sounds and are very pleasant to watch.

These quails need an aviary where they can be dry, somewhat warm, and have at least three square feet each to peacefully live out their lives. A covered aviary or a barn with an aviary attached (depending on the climate) would be ideal. The quails love to nestle themselves into straw, but the straw must be changed regularly so their droppings don’t accumulate. Damp, wet straw can cause mold, which can be deadly to birds. The quails like to eat wild bird seed, which contains mostly millet, mixed with a little poultry feed. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ADOPTING SOME OF THESE QUAILS, PLEASE EMAIL


Thank you.


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