30 December 2016

The Birds Who Got Out of the “Game”

Dear UPC Supporters,

We are pleased to share with you this story of a successful “game bird” rescue and sanctuary placement by our friend and colleague Judy Carman, with whose advocacy group, Animal Outreach of Kansas, we campaigned successfully in 2012 to stop a chicken slaughter “art” project linked with The University of Kansas, in Lawrence. See Closing Night of “The Story of Chickens.” Please read and share Judy’s story below about rescuing a small group of birds from a class of birds whose suffering and sadistic treatment by the hunting establishment worldwide is little known to outsiders.

Thank you on behalf of all precious birds.

Karen Davis, President
United Poultry Concerns

Pheasants being carried in a cage
The pheasants being carried to their holding pen.

The Birds Who Got Out of the “Game”

Judy Carman, M.A., cofounder, Animal Outreach of Kansas

Animal Outreach of Kansas (AOK) Announces Pheasant, Quail and Turkey Liberation: November and December, 2016

Recently, AOK learned that a “game bird” business in Kansas was permanently closing its doors. However, there were several birds still in cages waiting to be sold to hunters. Hunters use these beautiful birds to train their dogs to find them so the hunters can kill them. They also use them simply to release from their pens and shoot them. The oxymoron of the word “game” in this activity is an example of the lengths to which human beings will go to justify violence toward small, innocent lives. It is hardly a game to helpless birds who have known nothing except life in a pen. Suddenly they are placed in a terrifying situation, unable to defend themselves, chased by dogs, and shot by hunters. The word “game” implies two opposing parties of similar strength and ability. But enough about the immorality of this “sport.”

The good news is that these particular individual birds will now live a life of freedom on their own terms, because an AOK member purchased them. Such a purchase is not a good idea, generally, unless the business owner is definitely ending his or her business. Otherwise, we would be supporting their profits and encouraging them to continue.

The beautiful birds included 7 Bobwhite Quails, 12 Ringneck Pheasants, and 7 Eastern Turkeys. In shifts we took them to Operation Wildlife (OWL), our local wildlife rehabilitation center, in Linwood, KS, where they could be observed in large pens until they were determined to be healthy and ready for their life of freedom. Several weeks ago, the quails and pheasants were released into the beautiful 70 acre forest surrounding OWL. There they will live their own lives in a relatively safe habitat that contains plenty of the food and shelter they need. The turkeys are still in their pen awaiting the end of turkey hunting season. Even though no hunting is allowed on OWL’s acreage, turkeys can cover a lot of distance and possibly cross their safe boundary line.

We are so grateful that this “game bird” business has closed. There are many more in existence around the world, so we must continue to spread the consciousness of lovingkindness and nonviolence whenever we can.

Quail being carried in a shallow wood box
The quails being transported to the large holding pen at OWL.

Pheasants exploring their new enclosure
The pheasants in their holding pen. How beautiful they are.

Turkeys exploring
The turkeys exploring their new enclosure.