24 February 2017

“Cage-Free” Hens: New Investigation Shows Their Hopeless, Horrible Existence

When National TV Investigative Correspondent Jace Larson contacted United Poultry Concerns in November 2016 about doing an inside story about “cage-free eggs,” we put him in touch with Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) who made it happen. Jace Larson’s coverage is now playing on TV stations across the nation.

Hen held by woman with headlamp at a cage-free farm
Watch Here.




DxE shout out to United Poultry Concerns for sharing that contact with us.

Want to give a BIG shout out to Karen Davis, founder of United Poultry Concerns. Not only did Karen put us initially in touch with the national investigatory correspondent who did the recent piece on cage-free eggs -- now seen by millions of Americans -- but the work she's done for DECADES has set up groups like DxE to have a political and moral framework for assessing industry efforts to market their products as "humane."

Best of all for those of you who are local, Karen will be speaking at the Berkeley Animal Rights Center in just a few weeks! Karen is a fount of wisdom about the animal rights movement's history, perhaps the first person to appreciate that the movement had a big gap in advocating for birds, and will be taking questions about her work (and the movement's history) at this incredible talk. – Wayne Hsiung, Organizer, DxE

You will NOT want to miss this fabulous weekend!

Berkeley, CA – Here We Come! March 10 & 11