10 July 2017

Cultured Laboratory Meat:
What Do You Think?

“The vegan community is most dramatically torn.”

Cultured chicken meat fried and served on a plate “Fried ‘chicken’ from cells grown in culture by Memphis Meats,” a Hampton Creek rival.
(Memphis Meats photo)

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Hampton Creek founder Tetrick pledges his “clean meat” will be vegan
Animals 24-7, published July 8, 2017

“The vegan community is most dramatically torn. Some feel that any product derived from an animal remains a form of exploitation. Others believe that with the insurmountable fight against the ongoing animal holocaust and more non-vegans being born every day, we need to search for practical and viable solutions to replace humanity’s rising demand for meat. The vegans on the pro-cultured meat side say their motivation is putting the animals’ interests above all else.”


“For the reasons outlined in this article, whatever ambivalence I initially felt about cultured laboratory meat, especially because of early concern that such meat would require the keeping of live animals as perpetual ‘seed,’ I am now firmly in the camp of the ‘others.’ Thank you for this extremely informative and helpful article.”

Karen Davis, PhD, President, United Poultry Concerns


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