26 December 2017

Loving Turkeys at Christmas – 4 Photos from Friends

Turkeys roosting in a tree

We’ve received some wonderful pictures of chickens and turkeys from our good friends and theirs throughout the year. Here are four that were sent to us this month of December that we’re delighted to share with you this holiday week. The spirit and sensibility of turkeys is the same whether they be “wild” or “domestic.”

– Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns


The turkeys roosting in the trees in the evening (right) and gathering together on the ground during the day (below) are the cherished visitors of Gay Bradshaw and Jeff Borchers in Jacksonville, Oregon. Photos by Jeff Borchers, Dec. 2017.

Turkeys gathered beneath a tree


Blossom the turkey resting on the couch by Minnow the dog.
Blossom relishes her comfy Christmas at home with Abbie Hubbard and companion Minnow in Baltimore, Maryland.
Photo by Abbie Hubbard, Dec. 2017.


Blossom next to the Christmas tree
Blossom is drawn to the magic tree. Photo by Abbie Hubbard, Dec. 2017.


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