15 August 2018

Jason Alexander Rejoins KFC After Quitting Over Chickens’ Suffering & Abuse

Selling Out for Fame and the Taste of Pain

Fifteen years ago, Jason Alexander of Seinfeld left KFC after learning how horribly the chickens are treated by KFC suppliers. Now, despite knowing the chickens’ misery, he’s doing commercials for KFC. Jason Alexander is KFC’s Face.

Chickens raised by Tyson for KFC are so lame with pain they can’t walk. They go to slaughter full of lung pus and gut pus and are “washed” in toxic chemicals. They’re housed in cesspools, tortured with electricity and scalded alive for KFC.

Once, Jason Alexander had a heart for the chickens and the courage to speak out. Now it appears hunger for lucre and fame are sapping his soul.

What Can I Do?

Our effort to locate contact info for Jason Alexander yielded this Twitter account: Jason Alexander on Twitter.

Tell Jason Alexander how disappointed you are. Ask why he’s pitching a product full of pain that makes people sick. Ask why he changed from caring to callous, knowing what he knows about the suffering endured by chickens for KFC. Urge him politely to quit pimping for KFC and request an informative reply.

Thank You for Taking Action

– United Poultry Concerns


“Jason Alexander: Why Have You Forsaken Me?”

Bloody chicken held by hands wearing rubber gloves

Tyson chicken covered in blood.

Photo by Mercy For Animals