2 January 2019

The Humane Hoax Online Summit

January 12 & 13, 2019

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United Poultry Concerns is co-sponsoring the first ever Humane Hoax Online Summit! We have a powerful and inspiring line-up of speakers for a free two day online event. UPC's Hope Bohanec has written one of the only books on the subject of the humane hoax, The Ultimate Betrayal, and will be presenting at the webinar.

As we successfully expose the animal agriculture industry for its cruelty and environmental impact, the clever industry marketers keep reacting with more “humane” labels, more small-scale tall-tales, and more feel-good falsehoods. It has never been more important to educate on the truth behind the industry lies. Bringing together a knowledgeable panel of experts on this issue, we hope to expose animal agriculture’s humane-washing with fresh insight into the humane hoax.

Please join us for this important and free event. And the best part? You can attend in your PJ's!


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