10 May 2019

Oppose Poultry Slaughterhouse in Alexandria, VA: Sign This Petition

Painting of a hand holding a bloody dagger and a hen with tears
(Beth Clifton collage)

The Alliance for a Slaughter-Free Alexandria is a grassroots organization made up of citizens and property and business owners throughout Alexandria, Virginia outside Washington, DC, who oppose the halal poultry slaughterhouse that was approved on March 26th by the Alexandria City Council in a 5 to 2 vote. The Alliance includes those of us who are dedicated to promoting the compassionate treatment of all animals, including chickens and other “poultry.” The Alliance has filed a circuit court complaint challenging the City Council’s approval of the slaughterhouse in which 200-500 birds would be killed for customers every day.

In addition, the Alliance is sponsoring a petition in opposition to the slaughterhouse urging that the Special Use Permit (SUP) that was approved by the City Council in March be rescinded. The petition explains why.



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For more about UPC’s involvement in opposing the poultry slaughterhouse in Alexandria, see