2 October 2019

Today Is World Farmed Animals Day, Oct. 2: Remember Them, Honor Them, Help Them

Dear Friends,

In honor of World Farmed Animals Day, October 2nd, we are sharing with you the following two tributes to the billions of birds, mammals, and aquatic animals who are living and dying each day in misery to satisfy an appetite for animal products that is neither ethical nor sustainable nor long for this world.


“On World Day for Farmed Animals,
Let's Honor Who They Are”

by Marc Bekoff PhD, Oct. 2, 2019.


“ Chickens and Turkeys
– Who are They and Why Should We Care? ”

A Slideshow Presented by Karen Davis, PhD at the 2019 Animal Rights National Conference, Alexandria, VA on 26 July 2019.


illustration of animals crying
Illustration from Nature's Chicken by Nigel Burroughs

“Set Us Free!”