10 November 2020

illustration of animals crying
We don’t want to be “free-range” or “humanely-raised.” We want to be FREE!
Illustration from Nature's Chicken by Nigel Burroughs

Animal Farming Does Not Support “Ethics” Assurances

A November 2020 article, published by HoneySuckle Magazine, promotes a particular “humane” animal farm, while sharing alternative perspectives by Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns and Alex Hershaft of Farm Animal Rights Movement:

“Even high standards for animal care do not meet the demands of many animal rights groups. For example, Dr. Karen Davis from United Poultry Concerns (UPC) preaches a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle. When asked about safe farming practice, such as that of Seven Sons, she finds that ‘when you get into the details of animal farming, the word humane and ethics just don’t apply, not compared to how you would want your dog, or your cat, or yourself to be treated.’”

“‘I should caution you that we are abolitionists, in the sense that we are less concerned with how animals are treated on factory farms than that they are raised for food altogether. We oppose all oppression of all sentient beings, however gentle,’ was the warning I received by email before interviewing Alex Hershaft, co-founder and president of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), a vegan blogger and holocaust survivor.”

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The Monopolization of the Meat Industry



Louie B. Free Interview

Today, I was a guest on the Louie B. Free Show: Brainfood from the Heartland out of Ohio. Louie and I discussed the emotional life of turkeys and chickens and what turkeys suffer in being raised and slaughtered for food. We then turned our attention to all the wonderful animal-free “meat and dairy” products that are now readily available so that no animal needs to suffer and die for the dinner plate. Thank you, as always Louie, for a great interview!
– Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns

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Karen at her desk being interviewed.