19 November 2020

Be Kind to Turkeys – Go Vegan, Miami!

Our beautiful bus shelter posters urge compassionate holidays in 30 separate locations in Miami, Florida through November 2020. Posted & maintained by Clear Channel Outdoor for $30,000.

Your generous tax-deductible donations enable us to post more of these eye-catching posters in U.S. cities!

Miami bus shelter posters urge compassionate holidays


Miami bus shelter poster urging Go Vegan

The turkeys featured in these posters are two of our former sanctuary residents, Boris on the left and Amelia on the right. Though they have since passed away, these sweethearts enjoyed their life in our sanctuary and we loved having them with us. Amelia lived for 4 years, Boris for only two. They both lost their ability to move due to the excessive weight of their bodies on their legs – a common pathology in turkeys bred for the food industry. In both instances, once they lost interest in eating and drinking, our veterinarian came to our sanctuary and anesthetized them so they could die peacefully in the familiar place they knew, outside, surrounded by their friends.


The Story of Amelia

Amelia, A Turkey Beloved By All


Boris’s Poem

Written in his name by his rescuers,
Terry Kleeman and Marie Gleason:

You never really got to see
The real turkey inside of me.
The one with a body my frame could have supported
The one with feet where my toes weren't aborted.
The one who could eat his food with a beak
Like a real bird and not a geek.
The one who wanted to have a mate
But was too large to propagate.
My life had one saving grace
And it was Karen Davis's place.
Yes, a human too was she
But one who took care of me.
I only knew fear and pain
Now happiness did remain.
Thank you Karen for giving me the chance
To spread my feathers and do a turkey prance.
In my last year, I almost got to be
The real turkey inside of me.

Love Boris


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