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16 April 2013

Recognizing and Building the Perception Paradigm Shift that Removes Animal Exploitation

Join us for a powerful gathering of movement building to end endemic systems of animal exploitation

The 2013 Animal Systems Conference is a rare opportunity to join with and learn from leading activists in the field working to end animal exploitation in the legacy of non-violent activism for radical social change. 

Over the course of two days and more than ten presentations we’ll establish how to put into place institutional changes that result in similar protections for an animal individual that exist for a human individual in a civil society.  Together we will explore the oppressor mindset, learn to recognize the interconnected systems that tolerate animal exploitation, and build a framework for comprehensive animal rights legislation. 

Through workshops, dialogue, and reflection we will collectively expand our capacity for tackling the roots of systemic oppression within and around us while becoming more effective advocates for animals and the just and verdant world we all believe in.
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