15 August 2021

Turkeys Stomped on, Punched, and Left to Die at ‘Humane’ Farms

Dear Friends,

Here is yet another example of the savage brutality to animals taking place on “humane farms.” Please read this report by PETA investigators and Take the Action requested.

Whole Foods (owned by Amazon) and Global Animal Partnership collude with these “humane farms” to fool the public into believing that these enterprises treat their animals “humanely,” unlike so-called “factory farms.”

This is a BIG LIE. All animal farming is cruel and inhumane, and always was. Look at how the turkeys are treated by workers on this “humane farm”:

In 2021, a PETA investigator worked for Plainville Farms, a New Oxford, Pennsylvania-based company that claims to produce “humane” turkey in a “stress-free environment.”

PETA’s investigator saw workers attack birds to instill fear, to vent their frustration, or to relieve their boredom. Workers kicked and stomped on the turkeys as hard as they could. They threw birds through the air by the wing, neck, head, and snood. They threw them back and forth just for fun. They tied their snoods together and laughed as the terrified birds were jostled around in the packed confines of the chute. They hit them with an iron bar and stood on their heads. They choked and throttled them, and they wrung and broke their necks. They used the turkeys’ bodies to mimic sex acts. See for yourself, then take action below.

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Take Action

Dear Karen,

PETA’s breaking undercover investigation into Plainville Farms, a company that claims to produce “humane” turkey in a “stress-free environment,” reveals that workers repeatedly and viciously kick and stomp on dozens of turkeys, many of them sick, injured, weak, or just too lame to stand up.

Workers pick up turkeys and hurl them at each other as if it’s a game. The men punch and slap the turkeys. One man hit them with a heavy metal rod.

Workers try to break the birds’ necks by picking them up by the head and repeatedly shaking them up and down, before finally tossing them aside. The turkeys convulse and are left to die in agony.

Surviving turkeys are forced onto a conveyor belt and slammed into severely crowded metal coops on open-sided trucks. If the turkeys struggle, the workers slam the birds against the coops and yell, “Mátalo!” (“Kill it!” in Spanish).

Don’t be misled by marketing claims that animals are raised in a “stress-free” environment and trucked in “comfort.” This suffering will not be stopped by the police or any company.

Only you can stop it—by not paying for it.

You can make a tremendous difference for turkeys who are abused and die in agony on “humane” farms. Please, take a moment today to urge Whole Foods and Global Animal Partnership to stop duping consumers with false “humane meat” claims.

Thank you for your compassion for animals and for your willingness to take action.


Daniel Paden
Vice President of Evidence Analysis