26 September 2021

Vegans Urge UN to Practice What it Preaches

Interfaith Vegan & Plant-Based Transition Coalitions Urge UN to Practice What it Preaches

Photo of Genesis Butler
Photo: Genesis Butler

United Poultry Concerns is pleased to be a signatory to this letter to the United Nations and to share the letter with our supporters. UPC is an Interfaith Vegan Coalition Member Organization, though we are not formally affiliated with any religious organization or doctrine. However, we gratefully welcome the opportunity to affiliate with people of all faiths or no faiths who actively support the rights and liberation of animals and a compassionate animal-free diet.

The letter and the press release note among other things:

Despite the abundance of UN and other scientific studies indicating the devastating effects of producing and consuming animal products, the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit in July prioritized animal agriculture misinformation. The bias and deliberate silencing of science is undeniable as 14-year-old, youth climate and animal activist Genesis Butler, was removed from a pre-summit digital chat session about dairy after she provided evidence contradicting one of the pro-animal agriculture speakers.

Read the Press Release and the letter to the UN here:

Vegans Urge UN to Practice What it Preaches

Letter to the UN

Thank you for promoting and practicing an animal‑free diet!

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