8 November 2021

Pedestrians facing UPC Go Vegan sign on passing bus
Photo courtesy of Intersection

Our Turkey Bus Posters in Austin, TX Win Praises!

This Holiday Season Be Kind to Turkeys

Dear Friends,

Each November we pick a city in which to run public transportation ads urging a compassionate holiday. This year we chose Austin, Texas. One person who saw our ad told us, “There has never been an ad like this in Austin!”

Others wrote or left phone messages as follows:

“You're clearly making a lot of impact, because a student at UT saw your poster on the bus, posted it in the GroupMe chat group to share with others, and that's how we came across it!”

“I live in Austin and saw a bus with an advertisement that encouraged people to not buy and eat turkeys on Thanksgiving. I was very curious about this ad and started learning and reading more on your website. Your passion - and dedication - to the cause is very apparent on your website. I love how detailed and thorough your website is!”

“I saw your turkey ad on one of our buses and almost drove off the road! I used to work in a chicken slaughter plant, so I have total appreciation for what you’re talking about.”

“I saw your turkey ad in Austin – I love it! It’s unbelievable! I just stumbled over it. My girls are my pets!”

What Can I Do?

To support our future bus transit ads, please donate and designate this project. Each spring we also choose a city in which to run a transit ad for our International Respect for Chickens Day May 4/month of May campaign.

A city transit ad campaign costs $30,000 for one month.

Donate and designate this project


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Pedestrians facing UPC Go Vegan sign on passing bus

Pedestrians facing UPC Go Vegan sign on passing bus
Photos courtesy of Intersection