21 November 2021

Protesters in Bellingham WA.

Turkey Education Action Nov. 19 at Bellingham Food Co-Op in Washington State Plus Decorated Turkey Advocacy Yard!

Adam Karp

Adam Karp
November 20 at 11:56 AM

Protester holding sign: All prejudice is learned.


Protester holding video and sign: Turkeys suffer: see for yourself.

Yesterday, Thomas Coates, Rachel Sisley, a turkey representative, and I did a pop-up educational action at the Bellingham Food Co-Op on Forest Street. The crying (blue tears) turkey, in an outfit that drew attention to the cruel contrast of a refrigerated trailer loaded with decapitated, tormented bodies parked at the end of the block saying "Gobble Gobble - Turkeys are Here!", held a television showing footage of common practices involving the abhorrent mutilation, genetic modification, intensive confinement, brutal sexual manipulation of toms and hens through artificial insemination, rough mishandling and transportation, and terrifying killing of these lovely creatures.

We also leafletted with flyers, letting the public know that the blithe marketing for Thanksgiving, far from a ceremonial centerpiece of compassion, family, and humane tradition, is a macabre, bloodied manifestation of everything but. The turkey who is so jeered at, demeaned, abused, and killed for a meal represents uncaring nonvegans' complete lack of compassion, obliteration of family (did you know that turkeys spend up to five months close to their mothers), and the furthering of a tradition fed by hateful and deriding impulses. I suppose, then, if gathering around and communally tearing into an innocent's body who has been cruelly killed is the point of Thanksgiving, then it is apropos of the sentiment many Native Americans have toward the arrival of European settlers, and clearly ought not to be rejoiced over in this fashion.

We will continue our peaceful demonstrations until what should be called Thanksliving, centers around kind harvest, and the sanctity of all life, not bloodletting and torment. Learn more here:

Turkeys - United Poultry Concerns

I urge you to download (for free) the quite educational, historical, literary, and insightful text by Karen Davis, Ph.D. titled *More than a Meal*. You will be astounded at the thoroughness of the natural history (and unnatural maligning and unbelievable mistreatment) of these beautiful, trusting birds.

Protester holding video display highlighting Butterball abuse

Protester holding video display highlighting turkey abuse

Decorated Turkey Advocacy Yard!

Inflatable turkey with chicks on lawn holding Happy Thanksgiving plus Go Vegan sign