15 April 2022

Brutal University Researchers Torture Hens in Ventilation Shutdown Experiments So Millions of Birds Can Die in Agony on U.S. Farms: Two New Videos that Must Be Watched and Shared

Hen in a lab subjected to deadly heat

This video, obtained by Animal Outlook, shows the link between the relentless torture of chickens, turkeys and other birds on industrial farms – in this case relating to the avian influenza pandemics caused by the poultry industry plus the Covid-19 killings of millions of factory-farmed birds in “depopulation” exterminations – and the systematic torture of chickens and other farmed birds in university experiments funded by the poultry industry.

Animal Outlook explains:

Animal Outlook recently obtained public records from experiments conducted by North Carolina State University (NCSU) researchers in 2016. These researchers sought and received funding from the U.S. Poultry and Egg Association, an industry trade group, to study the effects of ventilation shutdown (VSD) on chickens.

The footage we obtained showed birds being subjected to VSD in various forms. The birds’ suffering was captured in graphic detail with each video showing a single hen enclosed in a small box with a clear front panel for observation. Animal Outlook attorney Will Lowrey, who obtained and watched the 10 hours of footage, told The Intercept who published an article on these experiments today [April 14] that “the suffering is extremely profound.”

Truck filled with dead hens

This investigative video, produced by Direct Action Everywhere, shows the destruction of caged hens at Rembrandt Enterprises, in Iowa, by means of Ventilation Shutdown. It includes footage of hens who have not yet died from their exposure to the procedure.

DxE explains:

Today [April 13], we’ve released a new investigation into Rembrandt Enterprises, a factory egg farm in Iowa where 5 million birds were killed with VSD following an outbreak of avian flu. DxE investigators found birds who had survived the VSD process -- being literally roasted alive -- still in their cages, running loose in the facility's industrial sheds, even buried alive.

What Can I Do?

*If you are still consuming animal products, now is the time to stop. If these two videos don’t convince you, nothing will. Please share this alert with your social media and everywhere you can. The human consumption of animals and their “products” has created a catastrophe of animal agony unequalled on the planet. As of now, our species stands condemned of surpassing cruelty to other living creatures both captive and what remains of the “wild.” Humans have become Earth’s Worst Nightmare as the numbers of our helpless, innocent animal victims explode for the sake of fast food trash and the type of “fine dining” hedonistically celebrated in periodicals like The New Yorker.

*We urge you, once again, to contact the American Veterinary Medical Association and demand that the AVMA condemn the use of Ventilation Shutdown, fire-fighting foam, and carbon dioxide poisoning of birds by the poultry industry. For contact information, please see Urge the American Veterinary Medical Association To Oppose Torturous Depopulation Methods.

Thank you for standing up for the birds and for refusing to support the poultry industry and its university affiliates that torture chickens and other birds with OUR tax dollars, doled out by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Note that the USDA conducts its own taxpayer-supported experiments on farmed animals through the department’s Agricultural Research Service. As self-described: “The Agricultural Research Service is the principal in-house research agency of the United States Department of Agriculture.”