13 May 2022

The Human Hoax Chicken Webinar

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We are so excited for our upcoming 3rd Annual Humane Hoax Chicken Webinar! This webinar will uncover the rich, complex lives of chickens, and the pervasive, harmful lies of the chicken industry. This year, we will hear about the exploitation of chickens in the hidden world of agricultural research and experimentation. We will also discuss the detrimental Avian Flu epidemic happening right now in the US and how it affects us all. Our panel of experts will reveal the latest important information about chickens and how to protect them.

Join us for this unique experience focused on the charming, cheerful, curious, social, busy, delightful chicken!



“The Use of Chickens in Agricultural Research”

Karen Davis

Karen Davis, PhD,
United Poultry Concerns

“Where Are Their Brothers?
The Absent and Unwanted Rooster”

Alastor Van Kleeck

Alastor Van Kleeck
Triangle Chicken Advocates

“Avian Influenza:
Rescue, Care and Activism in a Time of Challenge”

Rebecca Moore

Rebecca Moore
Institute for Animal Happiness

“Says Who?
Thinking Critically About Chicken Care Information”

Tara Hess

Tara Hess
The Open Sanctuary Project

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Humane Hoax Chicken Webinar
Saturday, May 21

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