26 May 2022

A Loving Tribute to Henry Spira:
“Animals Are Not Edibles”

By Karen Davis, PhD, President, United Poultry Concerns

Henry Spira holding a hen
Photo by Nancy Siesel for The New York Times

In the mid-1970s, Henry Spira (1927-1998) questioned getting involved in the farm animal issue because the issue was just too big, too "unwinnable." This is the man who went on to become a vigorous, globally famous advocate on behalf of farmed animals. The New York Times memorial that appeared on September 15, 1998 explained that Henry, who was born in Belgium and worked in a manila-folder-stacked New York City apartment where he lived with his beloved cat Nina, "brought half a lifetime of activism in the labor and civil rights movements to the animal rights world when he became involved at the age of 45."

Henry was one of the first great activists for chickens in the modern animal rights movement, and he was a mentor to me. As part of our International Respect for Chickens Day/month of May, I am honored to share with you

A Loving Tribute to Henry Spira