9 December 2022

Chicken on couch reading For The Birds
Squashblossom- a juvenile rooster from botched classroom hatching project. On the right is Zelda.

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The theme this year: Happy Together

People are often surprised to learn that chickens have rich emotional lives and enduring relationships. They are even more amazed that chickens can still have those needs satisfied despite physical limitations. CRR residents and caregivers live under the same roof and allow for these intimate insights. Our photos uplift and inspire - what a great gift for the new year.

Twelve unforgettable stories of birds who found companionship against all odds. Includes guest photos of residents at United Poultry Concerns and a poem by Karen Davis, our mentor and inspiration.

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Founded in 2001, Chicken Run Rescue has fostered an evolution in critical thought about who is food and who is friend through rescue, rehabilitation, sanctuary and education.

Help all animals by adopting an animal free diet. Help individual chickens by adopting them as companions. Sustainable agriculture grows gardens not victims.

Two chickens nestled together on a blanket.
Monti and Zelda on the couch

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