4 May 2023

Help Us Shut Down “WingOut” on International Respect for Chickens Day!

Free from Harm:
A Slaughterfest is NOT What Wings are For

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Gallagher Way
Gallagher Way Chicago

In honor of International Respect for Chicken’s Day, we launched an effort to shut down Chicago WingOut, a festival celebrating the mass consumption of the wings of weeks-old chicks who experienced misery at every stage of their abbreviated lives.

Today we delivered graphic photos of abused chickens and a letter to billionaire Joe Ricketts who owns the outdoor venue hosting the Wingout event, urging him to cancel it. In the letter, we explained to Ricketts that public sentiment is turning against factory farming in recent years, according to recent surveys. Canceling the event will send a strong message that profiting on animal suffering is no longer ethically or environmentally sustainable in 2023.

You too can honor International Respect for Chicken’s Day by sending a message to Joe Ricketts, indicating your support of our effort to shut down Wingout.


Copy and paste our suggested email script or write your own.

Mr. Ricketts,

I appreciate your concern and protection of wildlife through The Ricketts Conservation Foundation. Now I’m asking you to protect even more vulnerable animals that needlessly suffer so intensely and in such greater numbers in the food industry.

To illustrate just how miserable it is for weeks-old chicks today in the chicken industry, SFN investigated and exposed the very best and highest welfare chicken brand on the market: Mary’s Chicken. Please see their reporting here: drive.google.com/file/d/1mvRyb72d9ZwZH7I8Oxv4B44fXK8DXZaX/view and watch their video at https://youtu.be/nvBjFNhywTM.

I support Slaughter Free Network’s efforts to shut down WingOut at Ghallager Way this Fall. It’s 2023 and a celebration over the suffering of weeks-old chicks is disgusting and archaic. Please take a positive stand against the abuse of animals and the catastrophic climate and environmental effects of animal agriculture by canceling the event.

Your name.

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Protest photo by United Poultry Concerns Protester with megaphone and sign: 'slaughter of the innocent' in front of KFC