21 June 2023

chicks at a feeding trough

Avian Influenza:
Poultry, Pigs and People

Wednesday, June 28th, Noon-1:00PM, ET

Animal Rights Committee, National Lawyers Guild, NYC

Dear Friends, Activists and Advocates,

If you love chickens, animals, and justice, please join the National Lawyers Guild, NYC for our free webinar on Bird Flu (Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza) and its Effects on Poultry, Pigs and People.

Congresswoman Jayapal will open the webinar on Wednesday, June 28th, Noon - 1:15PM ET. The Congresswoman will be followed by three veterinarians, a lawyer, and an undercover activist.

Each panelist will present for five minutes, followed by a Q&A. You can meet those panelists and get additional context beforehand, via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts.

Registration for Wednesday, June 28th, at Noon at BirdFlu_Poultry_Pigs_People.eventbrite.com

Cheers and thank you,
Tamara Bedić, Esq.
Animal Rights Committee, Chair
National Lawyers Guild, NYC
Facebook: National Lawyers Guild NYC Animal Rights Committee