13 September 2023

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Goose clubbed to death lying in the grass
Goose Brutally Beaten To Death by a Golfer
Photo credit: Putnam County SPCA (NY)

Get Justice for a Goose Brutally Beaten To Death by a Golfer

A Canada goose on the Putnam County Golf Course in New York was minding their own business when accidentally struck by a golf ball and was momentarily dazed. Carmel resident Enrico Sarli was on the course at the time, and allegedly went over and beat the goose with a golf club until dead in a thoroughly misguided “euthanasia” attempt. Demand justice for the goose who was brutally killed by asking the District Attorney to press maximum charges against Sarli to ensure this crime and others in the future do not go unseen and unpunished.

The goose appeared to be dazed and struggled to stand after being knocked down by a golf ball, but experts noted that the goose most likely would have made a full recovery if they had been brought to a rehabilitator. Sarli instead beat the goose multiple times until they died, posturing that he put the goose out of their misery and had done nothing wrong. Witnesses say they saw Sarli walk away from the goose after beating them repeatedly with the golf club, but when he saw the goose was still moving, he returned to take more swings until they finally died. Afterward, Sarli and his friends continued to finish their game of golf.

The goose's body was examined by a veterinarian, and X-rays revealed that their head had been separated from the spine from the force of the beating. The bird's chest was swollen, most likely as a result of the impact from the golf ball, but the goose would have probably recovered.

The Putnam County SPCA detectives arrested Sarli and charged him with “overdriving, torturing and injuring animals,” which is a Class A misdemeanor under state Agriculture and Markets Law and will be arraigned on September 12.

Urge the fullest and strongest prosecution of this case and not the usual slap on the wrist. Given that this goose would have likely recovered had simple compassion and common decency been given instead of a violent and deadly beating, we ask that besides jail and fines that a mental evaluation and counseling be a part of the sentence as well as community service.

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Goose beaten to death
Goose Brutally Beaten To Death by a Golfer
Photo credit: Putnam County SPCA (NY)