20 November 2023

UPC Runs Bus Ads in Los Angeles for Turkeys!

United Poultry Concerns is running our new "In a World Full of Choices - Choose Compassion, Not Cruelty - Go Vegan!" posters at 45 bus shelters in Los Angeles through the month of November 2023. A special thanks to Unparalleled Suffering for the photo showing the delight of a turkey at Rooster Redemption Sanctuary and the photo contrasting the plight of turkeys at a live market.

What Can I Do?

To support our future bus transit ads, please donate to support this project. Each spring we also choose a city in which to run a transit ad for our International Respect for Chickens Day May 4/month of May campaign.

A city transit ad campaign costs $30,000 for one month.



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Learn more about turkeys


Thank you for your support!
– United Poultry Concerns

Go Vegan poster at Los Angeles bus shelter Bus shelter ad in Los Angeles