28 November 2023

Petition Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt to Disavow Support for Cockfighting Group

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Two chickens held facing each other prior to a fight

This U.S. Governor Endorsed a Violent Cockfighting Group. Demand Accountability!

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In a shocking turn of events that has animal lovers and ethical Oklahomans reeling, Governor Kevin Stitt has announced his support for the Oklahoma Gamefowl Commission, an organization infamous for its attempts to lessen penalties for the cruel practice of cockfighting. Why Governor Stitt gave such an alarming endorsement is clearer once it's revealed that Stitt, along with other politicians in Oklahoma, has received donations from the Gamefowl Commission.

Sign the petition to demand Governor Stitt issue a public apology and commit to refusing any future donations from organizations associated with animal abuse, including those linked to cockfighting.

Cockfighting is a brutal bloodsport that is illegal in all 50 states. The cruel practice subjects birds to unimaginable suffering for the sake of entertainment and profit. The governor's message is a betrayal of public trust and a step backward in the fight against animal cruelty.

Sign the petition to call on Governor Stitt to publicly apologize and to take a firm stand against organizations that promote or support animal cruelty!

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P.S. Governor Stitt must apologize for supporting such a group. Demand action!

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